Church Council

Each church has a church council which is accountable to the Mission Area Conference.

St Thomas'

Chair - Mrs Lynda Walmsley

Secretary - Mrs Julie Woodward

Treasurer - Mrs Ann Dollery,

Graham Owen, Keith Woodward, Jean Southworth Ray Dollery, Ian Williams, Maureen Freebairn, Neville Freebairn, Grace Carter, Rosemary Hughes

Holy Trinity w St John's

Chair - 

Secretary - Mrs Ann Simpson

Treasurer - Mrs Anne Dollery

Steve Wright, Peter Simpson, Bridget Owen, Jeanne Shaw, Mary Gravenor, Sue Hughes

St Ann's

Chair - Mrs Mair Roberts

Secretary - Mrs Judith Rogers

Treasurer - Mr Mark Southworth

Ron Evans, Wendy Evans, Helen Mill, Jeni Hadley.


Holy Trinity w St John’s – Peter Simpson & Bridget Owen

St Ann’s – Mair Roberts & Helen Mills 

St Thomas ‘ – Julie Woodward & Rosemary Hughes

 Mission Area Conference reps

St Thomas'- Julie Woodward, Anne Dollery, Ray Dollery

Holy Trinity - Peter Simpson, Ann Simpson, Robin Marsh

St Ann's - Helen Mill, Jeni Hadley, Ron Evans

Diocesan Conference reps (for 3 years)

Peter Simpson, 

Pastoral Assistants

Peter Simpson, Robin Marsh, Ian Williams, Mark Southworth , Jean Southworth, Isobel Jones Maureen Freebairn, Grace Carter,  Ron Evans, Wendy Evans

Worship Leaders

Jean Southworth, Mark  Southworth, Peter Simpson, Sarah Roberts, Julie Woodward, 

Lay reader – Jeni Hadley

Lay reader (emeritus) – Robert Hughes