Glen Mansfield

glen and anita

I do not come from a Christian background at all. I am half English and half Finnish. My mother was raised in a log cabin by a frozen lake inside the Arctic Circle (allegedly they used to knock a hole in the ice and go swimming). My interests include listening to 1970s country music, eating chocolate chip cookies and playing various sports to a low standard. I became a Christian when I was 19. At university I joined the hockey team and it turned out that the captain was a Christian. As I was studying history my first question was whether Christianity was historically true. To my surprise I found it was. I joined a Bible study group and eventually went along (reluctantly) to church. Sometime late in 1995 I was converted having heard Ephesians 1 preached in power.  
Following university I spent time teaching, and working for a doormat company. I then spent six and a half years working for Yeldall Manor, a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre near Reading. This was definitely a formative experience, and hence I have a passion for Christian counselling. In 2006 I did a church apprenticeship at Christchurch, Virginia Water involving some study, ministry and lots of chair moving. It was there that I met Anita…
Anita comes originally from Hungary where she came to Christ at a Bible camp disguised as an English language school. She has lived in England for over fifteen years and worked in an assortment of cafes and pharmacies. She enjoys cooking, running and cats.

We moved to Rhyl from Aldershot in 2015.